Intellectual Property

Quantum Semi has spent 12 years developing an impressive patent portfolio: 18 U.S. patents granted and 31 foreign patents granted in the EU, China and Japan with numerous additional filings underway.

The Quantum Semi patent portfolio covers a number of different areas relevant to:
- Avalanche photodiodes
- Pixel architecture
- Analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and imager circuitry
- Devices for near, mid and far-infrared imaging
- Light waveguides for sub-wavelength pixels
- Optical format and aspect ratios: cameras and displays
- Advanced CMOS
- Silicon Quantum Wells
- Image Sensor System Architecture
- Light Sensing and Light Emission from APDs
- SiGe and SiGeC Layers and Specifications
- SiGeC Superlattice Thermoelectric Converters
- High Efficiency Silicon-based Photovoltaic cells

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