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SiGeC + CMOS Technology

The Quantum Semi technology platform combines state-of-the-art CMOS and Si-Ge-C superlattice materials. SiGeC superlattice films have radical optoelectronic properties, enabling highly-efficient light absorption and light emission in an extended wavelength range from Ultra-Violet through Infra-Red. Platform designs include avalanche photodiodes, Geiger counters, pixels, solar cells, transistors, thermoelectric converters and supporting circuitry.
4Si4C-4Ge5-2cells cropped

SiGeC+CMOS image sensors can replace conventional sensors based on compound semiconductors with applications in security, night vision, defense, eye-safe gesture recognition for gaming and other applications, agricultural monitoring and low dose x-ray imaging. CMOS with efficient light sensing & emission capabilities in the 1.55µm range can replace compound semiconductors in optical communications. Quantum Semi technology provides huge benefits in terms of functionality, performance and cost.